The TMD Biomecmodel

The best dental-orthopedic instruction model on the market

What is it?

The dental-orthopedic teaching model


The TMD model is a high quality perspex teaching device with great technical functions. This beautifully designed model displays a full size cranium, mandible with a detailed TMJ, and cervical column mounted on a black perspex background.

Both cranium and mandible have movable dental arches capable of displaying various malocclusions. Normal and abnormal head positions can be easily shown by loosening the bolt at the back of the model. A forward head posture will demonstrate abnormal craniomandibular and craniocervical relationships with abnormal loading consequences.

Are you curious to how it works?


A large number of coil springs, connecting various movable parts, represent various muscles and ligaments. The model (dimensions 33 cm by 46 cm) can be placed on two perspex feet or be hung on the wall in your office.


“The model by Biomecmodels is used daily in our department for patient instruction. It enhances our verbal explanation regarding diagnosis and treatment of our patients with craniomandibular dysfunction and chronic facial pain.”
Prof. dr. J.P.Richard van Merkesteyn
DDS, MD, PhD, Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Leiden UMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

“My patients enjoy observing this teaching model as much as I enjoy using this model for the explanation of various musculo-skeletal disorders and for treatment planning.”
Dr. Anke Bakker
DDS Orthodontist, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Why use the TMD BiomecModel?

If you manage patients with headaches, facial pain, neck and craniomandibular disorders in your practice, you know how important it is to offer your patients a thorough explanation concerning the nature of their complaints.

Visualization of the various complex functions in the upper body is considered to be an even more effective tool in patient management. Understanding the nature of a disorder and its therapeutic approach is important to any patient as it helps to strengthen the confidence in a therapeutic approach and its final outcome.

“Inform, explain and reassure your patients in all phases of care. A proper understanding of headaches, neck pain, orofacial and TMJ pain strongly supports and increases patient compliance.” (*)

(*) Recommendations by the EACD for examination, diagnosis, and management of patients with temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain by the general dental practitioner. De Boever J et al., Journal of Orofacial Pain 2008;22:268-278

The TMD BiomecModel

€389,- (incl. VAT & European country shipping)

• Quality perspex teaching model
• Millimeter ruler & occlusal appliance included


Who use it?

A wide variety of specialists and students

A great variety of clinicians who manage patients with functional disorders and pain in the upper body regions enjoy the use of this model.

Dental specialists

Orofacial pain specialists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and implantologists appreciate and value the variety of instruction possibilities to their patients.

Medical specialists

Orthopedic surgeons, ENT specialists, and physical and speech therapists use the model in their daily practice for patient instruction.


The TMD Model also helps to clarify the complex relationships between the cranium, the mandible, and the spinal column in student education.

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The TMD BiomecModel

The TMD Model – €389,00,- (including 21% VAT and UPS shipping to EU-countries) The TMD Model is securely packed in an elegant carton box. The box also includes an instruction form, a ruler and an occlusal appliance.

Patient instruction form

Inform your patient effectively and motivate your treatment plan. Download the patient instruction form for easy explanation and exercise instructions. The form may also be used for professional referrals. This hand-out works as a great motivator.

Millimeter ruler

A free millimeter ruler accompanies the model and enables the clinician proper recordings of mandibular excursions.

Occlusal appliance
Occlusal appliance

An occlusal appliance comes with the model free. The clinician can now easily demonstrate the benefits of an appliance.

Occlusal appliance

Instructional video

How does the TMD BiomecModel work?

In this video you can see Dr. Hesse at work using his TMD BiomecModel. With the TMD BiomecModel it is possible to effectively explain and demonstrate various clinical conditions:

• Normal and abnormal head posture
• Whiplash and TMJ disorders
• Normal mouth opening and closing
• Protrusive opening
• Chewing motion and stable occlusion
• Anterior bite
• Posterior bite
• Lack of occlusal support
• Occlusal appliance


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